• The client must provide a valid apikey bound to a single Conclima customer group
  • Your API Key (apikey) is provided on demand to Conclima
  • The owner will provide the apikey to the supplier using APIs and can invalidate it at any time
  • Access is allowed only over HTTPS (secure socket) using TLS 1.2

Calling APIs

Charset: UTF-8
Authentication/Authorization: Header X-Apikey or "apikey" in JSON body request
Data type: JSON (if necessary)
  1. GET (curl -H"X-Apikey: secret"
  2. Raw POST of JSON (curl -d @request.json
  3. POST with www-form-encoded (as for a web-form submit) posting JSON in variable named "data" (curl -F data='{"apikey":"secret"}'
  4. POST JSON file as web-form file upload (curl -F data=@request.json
JSON request (common fields):
  • apikey secret (If not set in X-Apikey header)